Arcis offers the possibility of earlier, more accurate cancer screening via a simple blood or urine sample, thanks to its highly advanced sample preparation technology which is seeking to improve Molecular Diagnostics testing.

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Arcis’ technology allows the extraction of DNA and RNA from various sample types (human, animal, plant or pathogen) in under three minutes. This is significantly faster than the current laboratory standard of 45 minutes to an hour. On top of that their system allows for the safe and stable storage of the nucleic acids at room temperature until ready for amplification (the multiplication of DNA/RNA for further downstream testing).

The Arcis team is highly knowledgeable, with experience in the development and commercialisation of medical devices, among many other areas. Their platform technology can be applied to many different and growing markets and their product is market ready with two launched CE-IVD regulated products.

They have a clear exit strategy, with a mission to sell the Arcis technology and patents to a global Life Sciences company.

Investment risk

Core technology risks include that Arcis’ patent portfolio includes freedom to operate in the EU and US but not in Asia, which has a strong biotechnology industry. Competition is also a major risk, as new products may appear that reduce the need for DNA/RNA extraction, by testing directly from blood and urine. Other risks associated with an investment of this type can be found here.

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Looking to enable earlier, more accurate cancer detection
Arcis Biotechnology Sci-Tech Daresbury

Arcis Biotechnology has developed a patent-protected platform technology that hopes to revolutionise the Life Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) sector.

Sample preparation is the critical first step in every genetic test requiring the extraction of DNA or RNA from various sample types (human, animal, plant or pathogens such as bacteria). The current laboratory standard takes about 45 minutes to one hour and requires numerous items of labs equipment. Arcis’ technology performs the same task in under three minutes, with no additional equipment required.

Not only does Arcis’ technology extract the DNA and RNA very quickly from the sample, it also instantly preserves the nucleic acids from further degradation. This is particularly important for the fragile RNA molecule, which is a 'real-time' indicator of a cell turning cancerous. As a result, Arcis’ technology is attracting significant interest as an early, more accurate indicator of cancer.

Arcis Biotechnology was recently awarded an Innovate UK grant to investigate the protection of RNA biomarkers in urine, which may lead to early detection tests for prostate cancer. 

The team

This is our successful and experienced team.

Executive Team

Paul Foulger
Non-Executive Chairman

Paul is a qualified certified accountant with extensive public and private company experience.  He has substantial lead transactional experience including IPOs, cash shells, reverse takeovers, divestments, over £100m of fundraising and a number of acquisitions, both in the UK/Europe and the US.  He is also a non-exec director of Jupiter Diagnostics, a Point-of-Care blood diagnostics business.

Peter Whitehurst

Peter joined Arcis in March 2011. By background, he is a qualified Chartered Accountant with Ernst Young and has held prior global roles with Cable & Wireless and Fortune Brands Inc. Peter was a key member of the Executive Team of SSL International, leading the Innovation & Technology teams, and was heavily involved in the trade sale of SSL to Reckitt Benckiser for £2.54 billion in late 2010.

Dr Jan Rogers

Jan joined Arcis in March 2011 and has extensive knowledge of the development and commercialisation of innovative medical devices. She has held senior R&D positions at London International Group, Regent Medical, Molnlycke Healthcare, Convatec Inc and SSL International before joining Arcis Biotechnology. Jan has a PhD in Surface Chemistry from the University of Reading and an MBA specialising in Innovation from the University of Bath.

Key Team Members

Dr Paul Reeves
PhD Molecular Biology – Molecular Development Manager, Daresbury
Dr Pablo Castan
PhD Molecular Biology – Molecular Research Manager, Madrid