Get the crowd behind your funding round

We help companies to raise funds quickly and with a minimum of fuss, so that you can concentrate on running your business.

At a glance

Europe’s first equity crowdfunding platform specialised in life sciences.

Platform regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority

Capital Cell’s investor community

3,000+ registered investors

1,200+ individual investments made

£2,600 average investment per investor

£1m our largest round

£10.6m total invested to date

92% success rate

Our investor community includes investors from Spain, the UK and several other European countries.

We have the tools you need for your funding round

The platform

We offer adaptability and less paperwork for your investors thanks to our online platform.

Personal service

The Capital Cell team will be there for you during your investment round.

Save time

Capital Cell’s online payment system, anti-money-laundering checks and legal framework can save you valuable time.

Save money

Our standard investment agreements and pre-established legal framework can save you money in legal costs.

Experts and investors

You receive quality feedback and in-depth testimonials about your investment opportunity from the expert scientists and investors in the BioExpert Network.

Marketing plan

We will help you to promote your investment round. We will give you a marketing plan, create an Investment Opportunity Sheet and improve your sales pitch


Our platform will give visibility to your investment opportunity among investors in relevant sectors.


We will invite you to our monthly events, so that you can personally pitch your investment opportunity to investors.

These services are available to companies that are listed on the Capital Cell site.

How do we do it?

These are the basic steps to close a funding round with Capital Cell. If you want to know more about each step, go here.


  • 1) We analyse your investment opportunity
  • 2) You create a page for your investment opportunity
  • 3) You promote your investment round
  • 4) We spread the word about your investment opportunity
  • 5) You achieve your goal
  • 6) We manage the closing of the round - you receive the money

How much does it cost to offer a funding round with Capital Cell?

Most of our charges only apply if you successfully close your round. We are a team and we only win if you do.

Analysis and report from the BioExpert Network

No upfront fees

Consulting on Crowdfunding, tailored to your project

No upfront fees

Promoting the campaign to our investor network

No upfront fees

Strategic financial consulting: structure of the round, investment objective, valuation, etc.

No upfront fees

Legal and financial due diligence

No upfront fees

Escrow deposit account and payment gateway

No upfront fees

Template investment agreements and contracts

No upfront fees

Publication on the Capital Cell platform


Crowdfunding campaign

  • A competitive comission on funds raised
  • At Capital Cell we do not charge commission for any previously agreed investments


Additional services:

  • Marketing services: video, PR (press, events), banners, infographics, advertising on social and professional networks: 1.5% of the campaign goal, with a minimum of £3,000.
  • Legal services before and after the round: Check our prices according to what you require. 


Send us your pitch deck and we will evaluate it with our team of experts.