The first solution to implement precision physiological monitoring into a compact earpiece, providing automated real-time data, audio and powerful cloud-based analytics.



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Precision physiological monitoring and analytics through an earpiece

The first solution to implement precision physiological monitoring into a compact earpiece, providing automated real-time data, audio and powerful cloud-based analytics.

The team

Executive Team

Leon Marsh
Founder & CEO (full-time)

Leon is the driving force behind Inova and inventor of the technology. He read design engineering at Brunel University and embarked on a product design career for 10 years with Philips and Nokia, working across design, innovation, product development and manufacturing in the UK, mainland Europe and the Far East. Following this he founded Bodytrak, and his achievements in the business so far include the grant of a worldwide patent and several others pending, raising over £3.0m, and the development of relationships with multi-national and high profile corporations. Leon’s personal ambition is to deliver unrivalled end-to-end solutions to individuals who will experience improvements to their health and well-being.

Geoffrey Drage
Chairman (part-time)

Geoffrey trained as a chartered accountant in the City and has since held Directorships for 25+ years in both private and public organisations. Geoffrey co-Founded two technology companies, one of which is still trading and the other was sold to NASDAQ quoted OSI Systems. Geoffrey is an executive director and shareholder, and has been involved in the business almost since inception and his role is focused around strategy & governance.

Richard Collins
Head of Product (full-time)

Richard has over 10 years’ experience across mobile software, telecommunications and IoT. He has worked at the heart of several mobile and IoT industry ecosystems directing product strategy and development and executing successful go-to-market strategies. Richard leads all internal technology development, manufacturing & supply chain relationships, and external partner development.

Alec Creighton
Head of Business Development (full-time)

Alec has held senior management positions in both the private and public sectors in both the USA and the UK. In the private sector, Alec focused on developing, maintaining and farming key commercial accounts in the banking sector. Within the public sector, Alec was responsible for three key services in primary care as well as developing business strategies for securing funding from multiple public domains.

Stephanie Brand
Financial Controller (part-time)

Stephanie is a senior finance manager with extensive experience in business partnering (finance and non-finance), financial control and financial planning & analysis across a variety of industries from blue chip companies (Orange, P&O Nedlloyd and British Aerospace) to SMEs. Stephanie carries out day-to-day accounting as well as providing the board pack and financial modelling/business planning.

Dr Su-Shin (Ed) Ang
Principle R&D Engineer (full-time)

Ed obtained a BEng from Imperial College London in 2003. He stayed on at Imperial to do a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, where he went on to specialise in biomedical signal processing, designing algorithms for automated patient monitoring in the healthcare context. Ed is a Biomedical Engineer at Inova, where he continues to conduct research and development work for applications including sport, defence and healthcare. He has published journal and conference papers for the Journal of Real Time Image processing, Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, Field-Programmable Technology, and the British Medical Journal.

Calin Soporan
Senior Embedded Engineer (full-time)

Calin leads all firmware development and testing for Bodytrak and Bodytrak accessories, working with project partners where necessary. Calin’s skillset includes embedded systems, embedded Linux, C, C++, embedded C, ARM, device drivers, software design and subversion.

Dmitry Iakovlev
Analytics R&D Engineer (full-time)

Dmitry is in the final stages of completing a part-time PhD but is full-time in the business. Dmitry specialises in biosignal processing and developing algorithms for different use cases from health monitoring and identifying specific events, to performance analysis.

Toby Sherwood
Junior R&D Engineer (full-time)

Toby recently completed a masters in engineering and management which provided an excellenet foundation in multi-disciplinary engineering. Toby’s main role in Inova is in biosignal processing and supporting the development of algorithms.

Cianan O'Dowd
Senior Product Designer (full-time)

Cianan is a former Dyson engineer and leads the product design and mechanical engineering of the technology, including consumer immersion research, requirements setting, concepting, ergonomic design, co-design with our manufacturer, and general problem solving of complex challenges.

Emily McLoughlin
Product Engineer (full-time)

Emily holds a First class MEng in Mechanical Engineering (Biomedical). She previously worked for a global provider of architecture, design and engineering services involving researching and developing designs for high profile projects. Emily is now working as a Product Engineer at Inova and focuses on mechanical design and product development. Emily is also an elite triathlete and has been racing nationally and internationally as an Elite triathlete for the past 7 years and ranked 3rd British Elite Super Series in 2012 and placed 4th British Elite Triathlon Championships 2013.

Lisa Henderson
Sports & Clinical Exercise Physiologist (full-time)

Lisa is a research specialist at Inova and specializes in the development of trial protocols, trial set up and data collection. Lisa is also integral to the assimilation, analysis and distribution of trial data via white papers, and has invaluable experience in this field both with BUPA and Surrey Clinical Research Centre.


Michael von Bertele
Defence & Clinical Advisor (CB, OBE, FRCP)
Lewis James
Sports Physiology Advisor (PhD)
Dr Marcela VIzcaychipi
Clinical Advisor (MBBS, MD, EDICM, FRCA, Mphil)