Why don’t I transfer the funds straight to the company I’m investing in?

Your investment is held in a secure escrow account, where neither the Company nor Capital Cell has access to it until all conditions are met for the investment to complete. Once the investment completes, the full amount is transferred to the Company. Please note that as required by European Union financial regulations, Capital Cell uses regulated third parties to hold client money, i.e. your investment. 

This arrangement allows all funds and investors to be checked before they access the investment round and it guarantees that the Company will only receive the investment funds if the campaign completes and all the necessary paperwork is in place.

Marketpay is a brand solution from SOCIALPAY S.L. that provides a payment and escrow wallet management solution to control transactions and payments completed via Capital Cell. Marketpay features Blockchain double ledger technology for maximum transaction security, fraud prevention and to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. 

SOCIALPAY S.L. is a limited liability company incorporated in Spain, with registered offices in Barcelona, Carrer de la Llacuna 161, listed on the Spanish/Barcelona Trade and Company Register with CIF ES B-66766700.

TransferZero Money Transfer Entidad de Pago S.A. is a public limited company incorporated in Spain with registered offices in Las Rozas, Calle Chile nº 4, Madrid 28290, registered as payment services provider at the Banco de España (Spanish Central Bank) with number 6854 and listed on the Madrid Trade and Company Register with CIF A-86441011.

As such, TransferZero acts as a service provider to Capital Cell delivering a Payment Gateway, an escrow fund holder, wire transfer services and refund management. 

Our partner (and owner of the escrow account) TransferZero currently uses the Spanish based bank Banco de Sabadell S.A. for holding investment funds. However, this account and all transactions are made in GBP. 

While neither Capital Cell, nor TransferZero will charge you for making bank transfers, you should check whether your own bank may do so. This should be clearly stated during the payment process.